Why Every Church Needs a Generosity Pipeline

Every church leader in America could achieve more of the vision God has given them for their community with an increase of between 30-40%.  We often hear the frustration that finances are consistently playing catch up to the vision. This is precisely why every church needs a Generosity Pipeline builder because it connects YOU with their givers and potential givers at your church.

Studies show online donations are larger than in-service donations, and online donors tend to be more consistent, especially when your church has the tools to easily set up recurring giving. That’s why developing and deploying a Generosity Pipeline will help increase online recurring giving impact both the outreach and impact your church can have.

Here are three questions every church should ask:

  1. Do we know where each of the people attending church is in the development of their gift of generosity?
  2. Do we have the right data to clearly envision different groups of people with our mandate and how their prayers, involvement and generosity impact that vision?
  3. Do we have a short term and long term system in place to develop people on each step of their giving journey?

If you answered no to any of these questions, consider implementing our proprietary generosity pipeline builder at your church to put a plan together to grow giving by 30-40%.  Visit generositybuilder.com today to schedule a demo.