Staying Digitally Connected Through the Summer Slump

In Robert Morris’ book The Blessed Life he says, God doesn’t want us to catch the vision of getting. He wants us to catch the vision of giving.”  As church leaders, we understand that the summer brings with it a summer giving slump, so having a summer giving strategy and communicating that vision clearly increases the summer giving from sporadic to consistent. 

But structure always plays catch up to the Holy Spirit. So want to equip you to avoid this summer slump with our free Customizable Giving Calendar to help develop a Generosity Strategy to shepherd the people in your church!

But along with the calendar ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you able to identify First-time givers and non-givers in your church quickly, easily, and consistently with your current system?
  2. Most teams know who their high capacity givers are and their recurring givers are, but can you identify the data needed to produce who the people are in your church who have the potential to take a step towards tithing and engage with them in these crucial summer months? (Using Generosity Builder, Journey Church was able to quickly identify that over 55% of their church was giving less than $3 a week, and they began to take real data and help people grow towards Generosity.

We want you to be able to do the right things at the right time for the right reasons, and nothing happens by happenstance, so if you answered no to either of these questions, we want to help and talk with you about how Generosity Builder can help your church.

To request the calendars email support@geneorositybuilder.com