How to Beat the Impact of COVID-19 on your Giving Strategy

As churches nationwide continue to navigate their regathering strategies and answer the questions surrounding how to do ministry in this new season of church, giving is a common piece of this conversation because resources make ministry happen.  So what do we do in this new season, here are 5 steps we recommend taking to beat the impact of COVID-19:

  1. Pray. Before you jump to planning, whiteboard, data, and analytics invite and involve the Holy Spirit. We are in a new season as a church and sometimes in our eagerness to solve we forget that it is our job to plant and water and it is God’s job to bring the harvest.  Stop and ask him where He wants you to plant and water.
  2. Be Transparent with your people. Ask your people to pray, involve them in the “problem” and the solution of the vision God has given you.  Share the truth of where you are at and how they can be a part of what God is doing.  Talk about the financial health and the possibilities with boldness and clarity, it is actually a disservice to the people in your church to simply host a tithes and offering moment without a meaningful vision moment with your church.
  3. Engage with Non-Givers. If you want to reach new givers, offer a new way to give with a fresh reason to give. The key is to engage with non-givers in steps and stages, just like we do with helping people find a small group, get baptized or begin serving.  Care for them, pray with them, ask great questions and most importantly help them involve the Holy Spirit when you help them take their next steps in giving.
  4. Pastor Donors. Don’t be the leader that separates Pastoring from asking people to be a part of the generosity culture of your church.  Authentically care by sending an encouraging text message, ask how you can pray for them, share what God is speaking to you and ask the Holy Spirit to open the door at the right time to help them.  But be prepared for when God opens the door, you are ready to help them walk through it effectively and easily. 

Celebrate Generosity Privately and Publicly. We believe that what you celebrate you accelerate. Find generosity stories from people in all walks of life in your church and celebrate them privately and publicly.  Go old school and write a thank you card. Post something on Social Media that honors God and that person. Make it a part of a Sunday