We'll help YOU increase generosity in your church by 30-40%

We come alongside pastors to help them accomplish all that God has called them to do.

Let Us Help You

Partner with us to Build a Culture of Generosity at Your Church

Generosity Coaching

As part of the platform your team partners with a Generosity Builder Coach to customize a Generosity strategy from launch to success.

Donor Development

Cultivating relationships requires strategy not happenstance as we teach your team to develop donors not just in their giving, but in the development of a culture of generosity.


Our Custom Mobile Giving Tool features Round Up + Recurring + One Time Giving right at the fingertips of your donors. Plus with our robust analytics, you will be able to easily build and export reports, manage users, design and export reports.

Generosity Builder & Planning Center Online Work Seamlessly Together.

As church leaders ourselves we understand the importance of having our giving tools talk with our church database. We are happy to inform you that Planning Center Online works with our giving tool.


Generosity Builder is more than just a platform. We come along side you and your vision to become your Generosity Coach!